Displacement from Syria to Syria, from Syria under the control of terrorism to Syria under the government’ protection

Let’s make a journey, the place is Syria but the journey belongs to years ago , as people have a short memory especially those who are in political positions ,Idleb a Syrian city which is under control of the oppositions , the first massacre was done there to more than 120 Syrian soldier on; 6/6/2011,the so-called “moderate rebels” attacked a security detachment in Jisr AlShoughor Idleb, killed the soldiers, chopped them,and threw the bodies of those syrian soldiers into the river saying Allho Akbar , after that they opened the fire on the residents there and terrorized them.

done by rebels

now Idleb is under the so-called ISIS’ control , can we ask why all cities which was under the FSA (Free Syrian Army) and Al-Nasra front control  ended up to “ISIS ” (Islamic state in Syria and the Levant), “ISIS” with Toyota cars , also all weapons which was sent to the FSA ended up to “ISIS” ?!

Raqqa, Deir Alzour , another Syrian cities was under the oppositions’ control, now they are under control of the so-called  ISIS or ISIL , those cities are rich cities by oil resources, so we can guess why those cities!, For “moderate rebels” in these sites to beheaded Syrians means nothing to the west eyes, but when it is up to any foreign journalist even if he entered this sites in illegal way, and joined those bloody rebels , if any damage happened to him, the west should send jets and troops to bomb another country ? to bomb who? their own tools in our region , the gangs they made to destroy Syria? or to bomb Syria’ infrastructures by that weak pretext ?  if Syria wanted to bomb those criminals , the mainstream media will start  that dirty campaign against Syria saying syrian government  is bombing  civilians ? it is not allowed to our government to defend its people , but for the U.S. they can come and bomb whatever they want here by the pretext that they are a threat to her citizens ?!

Back to the refugees from Syria to Syria , the people in cities such Idleb,Raqqa, Deir Alzour and Aleppo, those provinces are so close to the  borders with Iraq and Turkey , that means the terrorists flee to Syria , provided with advanced weapons, across these borders, Iraq after the American invasion, also turned into a state of chaos! so people started to leave their cities to Cities like Lattakia , Lattakia is safer, it is under government control you can live normal life  but also it is under missiles of the so-called moderate rebels especially from the Turkey border, Lattakia is crowded now full of Syrians from all Syrian cities, i met with an old woman she was standing next a church gate to get some humanitarian aid,( this church was as a charity center for refugees), she told me how the terrorists attacked her city.

 She was crying , some of her province’ men joined the oppositions there by force , but later those armed gangs started to kill each other she said , now her son joined the NDF ( National Defense Forces) she said, i asked her why?, she said to defend our dignity , the oppositions displaced us , raped our women, so he wanted to fight those gangs ,she was from Idleb.

inside the bus ,
inside the bus ,


 Lattakia is  a small Syria now , we need more Buses, facilities, it became a crowded city , some of the refugees are too poor, others are merchants from Aleppo can live in a good way , it is welcomed for all , we all need to be fine not to live with terrorists ..

we die for our flag
we die for our flag

If any nation all over the world under such rebels attack , its duty is to defend itspeople , am i right or not ?..

Some refugees who left to Lebanon, were under the encouragement of Alhariri’ son  Sa’ad Hariri the chief of the Lebanese party called the Future party , that idiot agent, they were saying Viva Hariri i saw them when Al -Jadeed TV interviewed some of them, while they were crossing the river to Lebanon, later those refugees became in poor camps,and have no help from any one, exactly as Turkey did,they brought Angelina Jolie for them, made camps for them , they need that Propaganda for their media to let the world thinks oh people against their government in Syria, later they gave up those refugees who were only a tool, they used them in their conspiracy against Syria! ..Those refugees in Turkey Lebanon, and Jordan were naive to believe, that the leaders there want the best for them ! our government all the time asks them to come back to their motherland, some of those voted for president Assad,at the election time, i met one of them by chance he was a taxi’ driver , he told me it was not allowed to leave the camp to vote for Syria’ election, but i ran away and i voted for president Assad, that great leader who kept our dignity, in  the refugees camps in Lebanon,Turkey or Jordan, they isolated us as animals , if some one should leave he should leave from Syria to Syria or abroad if he has money not to such camps in those countries..he said!

Anyway, i have a question you can see the acts of the west  backed rebels in the video i posted , and the acts of the so-called ISIL, it is same acts, same brutal crimes against humanity, however,  the west still arming , funding and training those gangs under the name of freedom’ seekers  or moderate rebels , what a lie!

Viva Syria


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