ISIS the USA’ scarecrows in the Arab world, while Saudi Arabia is the bodyguard of the american interests of oil fields in the Middle East , Yemen is another Gaza

usa' dollzio-saudi

Saudi arabi is the bodyguard for american interest in the middle east , while the world under the phobia of ISIS , who is ISIS , just a scarecrow , but we are not the fool birds ,

HRW , is human rights watch just a big lie ? , where are those organizations when there is daily bombing launched by Saudi arabia and her arab allies on poor civilians on Yemen , what a smart and evil idea , let arabs kill arabs by themselves , we waited  for long time for such arab alliance , to defend civilians in Palestine against zio-Israel , but look at them , finally they made it by the arab league’ blessing , but to be against arab , People in the west started to be angry from Israel and USA’ aggression on arab countries , from NATO , as in Libya , as also what they tried to do in Syria (When Obama wanted to bomb Syria on 2013) , So it was this arab coalition , this arab NATO , the arab’ alternative !

And no media here , no pictures  about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen , But for Syria all arab’ media was barking non stop for  the false flag “revolution “, for sorry they talk about our army barrels against the terrorists but those terrorists in their media are “moderate rebels” , but the real barrels are the barrels of Saudi ‘ oil which the consciences of those on arab media is sinking  in, I can’t blame the western media when arab media as Al-Jazeera , Al-Arabia are as criminals

the western ones , most of 10354146_10202532662197912_6973272901442777085_n

Saudi is bombing Yemen in open way , don’t worry Obama , don’t bother yourself Israel , arabs do it for you , Security Council is sleeping as usual , when the victims are poor and oppressed , no one even ask for ceasefire, maybe after more victims , after total destruction , to all infrastructures , hospitals , Silos , army , maybe later , they gonna send Yemen some humanitarian aid , they kill us then send some help!!!

same scene , same hands in Syria , but here they call them “moderate rebels” as they did in Libya , Free Syrian Army , free foreign criminals , free armed gangs , they get the sophisticated weapons by the hand of rebels , and pass it to ISIS by their ISIS hand , tell us what is the difference  between both of them? , same slogan Allaho Akbbar , not Allah of real Islam , it is the Saudi wahhabi ideology , Saudi takfiri mentality since the year 1920 fsa


That Flag  of the french mandate says it all , it is not arab spring , it is Israel spring , it is the empire of Chaos , western missionary campaign ,

Syria and the Levant under the so-called ISIS , Afghanistan under Taliban , Nigeria under Boko Haram

All of those are just CIADA .


And the mainstream media wants you to feel that people in Syria under dictator leadership , and the so-called moderate rebels are the saviors , But in Yemen they should make coalition to bomb civilians for they refused Hadi Abed Rabbo Mansor , the one who has nominated by GCC to be a president


Later , this new troops of America this arab league , maybe bomb another arab country for the eyes of USA and the safety of Israel , under such pretext , the interference of the boogeyman Iran or Hezbollah  in other country , while the real criminal ones are Saudi and her allies ,


And always Turkey is ready , to fund , trained , ISIS (moderate rebels )

the hostile drones of anti-ISIS coalition are also ready to assassinate some in our country as in Afghanistan , or to bomb our military site , add to drop weapons to her own troops ISIS

2015 , our Syrian Air  Defendse downed an american drone , was flying over important sites in Lattakia , before that in 2012 , Also our  Syrian Air  Defendse downed Turkish hostile warplane , also entered our airspace to support the terrorists

Finally , Yemen as Syria , Same dirty hands , Saudi American and arab hands , Thank God we have our ideological army , i hope this damn world say enough for this genocide which is ongoing in Yemen , also for Syria



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