Idlib , in the eyes of its residents , a story about the reality in Idlib , told by refugee family escaped , and displaced from Idlib to the coast of Syria


A syrian refugee, a lawyer from Idlib, i met him today , he rented an apartment in my city , he is originally from Aleppo, but was living in Idlib with his wife and kids, his wife also well educated.

What is going on in Idlib, who are those gangs, how did you escape, i asked him?!

If you look at him , he is good looking , polite man , but his clothes was cut , as if he was fighting with a monster

I’m a lawyer he said, Idlib is surrounded by trees, groves of olive trees, so it is hard to control this borders, we woke up that day, because of the fire’ sounds, slogans of Allaho Akbar, also voices of some families there were welcoming and cheering those terrorists from Al-Nusra front, yes some families was in touch with them, you can see the  martyrs of syrian soldiers on the check points have been shot from behind, on the back of their heads , those families have sons joined AL-Nusra front, but they are the families of non education, who were easy to be convinced that this is the notion of Islam, i’m Muslim he added Sonni Muslim, but i know those are just terrorists, they cut off the electricity, the net, the water, hardly you can live there, they want to boycott the government and to live as the era of the Caliphat, no  for facilities, no for civilized life, the families who welcomed them, gave them the names of the others who are against this terror movement, they attacked our houses, and shot all those who didn’t come out to welcome them , i was in an apartment under the ground , they executed a woman, because she has a picture on her facebook  wall with president Assa , she was Muslim, but it doesn’t matter for them, they executed a man because he sells wines in his shop  he was christian , also they executed Shiites  residents, they took the names of those who converted to Shiaa and executed them, also any one who is well educated  they consider him infidel, they said Syrian curriculum is adapted from the west , not from Sharia, and west are not Muslim!

Later when the mob was welcoming those terrorists, i run away with my kids and wife to the syrian soldiers check point, they helped us to leave in peace, syrian army could leave the city easily without any loss if they wanted, However they stayed there to evacuate the people, to save our lives.

Those who didn’t leave Idlib, most of them were with terrorists, you can’t stay there without joining terrorist groups! Our brave army evacuated most of the residents there,  they sacrificed there lives to save our lives the man added.

However lately i knew that some of thise who joined terrorists groups in Idlib regretted  that, one of them said i adore our government now, the gangs raped their daughters, and prevented them from leaving the city. Those gangs have no moral.

I asked him , from where those terrorists are?

He answered some of them from Saudi, but  most of them don’t speak Arabic, they are Africans and Chechnya, some of them are gingers  with red her, Others put masks on their faces, you can only see their eyes, and those brainwashed of some sons of idlib who helped them to enter the city, but their families do regret now !

Our soldiers achieve great results now, they surround the city, and retake some of countrysides of Idlib, they try to cut the Turkish aid line to the terrorists inside.the man said.

Are you fine here, i asked him?

Yes, finally my kids could sleep, they were shocked, the scene there was horrible, this is the first day my kids can sleep well, but  as you see me i couldn’t bring even my clothes, they bombed the buildings , my wife sold her piece of gold which was with her, so i rented the apartment for a month , but we will work in this city, government will let us work here as we were in Idlib. .

What about Aleppo  i asked him? Do you have relatives there?

He said more than 80% is pro government in Aleppo, for that the wahhabi terrorists punish them, our army can bomb the sites which is full of terrorists, but never do that for the safety of the civilians there, they do it as a surgery  operation and they loose soldiers to keep people  in Aleppo safe.

He said they want to destroy us, if you see the look of those terrorists or you smell their bad smell you will know what i mean, they are from the stone age he said, not normal people as us.

But the point i feel good with,  is that most people  now in Idlib with our government, they recognized the trurolath now.

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