From Syria To Baltimore ,amrican People want Regime Change, Obama you should leave

Spring Revolution in USA,  Obama The Prophet of missionary democratic campaigns, you should start by teaching yourself about democracy


Armless , weaponless protests in Baltimore’ streets , after the death of their citizen Gray , the police man  has pushed him and broken his spine, and Gray got bad treatment in the hospital then he died , Gray is a black american citizen , another one from the protesters replied , when the police men , asked those protesters to leave the demonstration and back to their home , ( If we go home tonight, there’s going to be another Gray in the morning)

police men were in full body Armour , They dispersed demonstrated people, swept them with teargas , bombardment of smoke gas and pepper balls!!

Syria 2011 , the protesters were armed persons , with weapons at least guns and knives

it was not allowed to disperse those, it was not allowed to defend other civilians who were under threat of those, we locked our homes in case of any attack from those protests , who most of them were under drug influence ,their words were Alawite to cemetary , Christian to Beirut , they shot a police man #Ala’a Salman , a young father , his kid was 2 months old they killed many other officers ,they burned buses, malls , facilities ,when this police men and his friends martyred by the guns of those protesters, it was not allowed to arrest those criminals , the International Community will accuse our government of killing her own people, it is not riot here, but it is riot only in USA !!!

protests 2011

meanwhile the USA protesters dancing in peaceful way, but some hidden hand, same hand which is involved in color revolutions everywhere is ready to change the scene, and turned the demonstration against ppl themselves


USA officers hasn’t broken the spine of this black man only , and killed him only

they do non stop to all people in the Middle east , to Ukraine , to Afghanistan

who killed kids in Yemen , Syria , Libya , Ukraine it is USA’ policy

And their allies , also their mainstream media

they try now to turn it into  civil struggle in USA , between White and black ppl , as they used to do and they depend in separating ppl , as they did in arab world by spreading sectarian violence , and strengthen Takfiri mentality by supporting whabbi Saudi kingdom KSA , For sure never forget Israel and her crime against peaceful protesters in Palestine also.

People everywhere should unite against USA policy ,it is enough blood


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