USA state department spokeswoman Marie Harf talks about Catastrophe!! Farce

it is not only a syrian archaeological heritage, This city is a humanist heritage for all the world

as well as the motherland Syria, Syria is the place the first alphabet of the world, The US backed terrorists sized areas in Palmyra lately, after the great victory of Syrian Arab Army and resistance men of Hezbollah in Al-Qalamoun, that makes the mastermind of those terrorists moves towards Palmyra, so they can deplete our army there.


Marie Harf the spokeswoman of U.S state department ( declared that USA can do nothing to prevent this destruction, she added this is the reason we are trying to push back ISIL out of Iraq and to try and help the syrian Opposition push back ISIL in Syria )


Let us see this opposition in the ground , where are they? Which branch of AlQaeda are those opposition , you talk about, spokeswoman of CIA, let us know?

have you seen Al-Nasra Front, fighting to liberate any sites from ISIS, or they are same, same slogan Allah Akbar, Same crimes beheading by the name of God, destroying the ancient churches, citadels , mosques ? Which opposition you mean, The free Syrian Army, the wahhabi army , Saudi backed army, with the flag of French mandate, which most of them joined ISIS!!

who you try to fool?!

USA will keep watching , yes for sure , you are watching your alternative troops here,ISIS

your terrorists here, what does that mean to you if they destroy an ancient city, when you funded them to destroy all Syria, what a catastrophe you talk about, Since Palestine Catastrophe, you try to make another

ISIS is not new, ISIS is in Palestine, in Yemen, Libya and in Syria now

every place USA want to invade we will see ISIS, or another name to such terrorists

Those who fight to liberate Syria from your criminals are our Syrian Soldiers , not your idiot oppositions, in Such open war, such global war on our motherland Syria, there is no place and no time for opposition, the time is for those who unite to defend Syria against colonialism



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