Volcano Of Corruption, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Scandal Of Campaign Election

Cutthroat Erdogan, The grandson of Ottoman, The owner of the largest massacres in the history

And his election Campaign Scandal

Syrian refugees dilemma, Yesterday was Angelina Jolie , for her campaign as sweet envoy of UN!! sweet pictures and video, then left them to their destiny, to be raped, homeless, doesn’t matter , her mission has been accomplished, Turkey and Jolie encouraged those poor syrians to leave their country Syria, for a global media campaign against Assad, Camps was already held even before the refugees decide to be refugees, temptations was big, promises also to overthrowSyria government then you will back to Syria soon, it is a short period of residence here, then a new radical islamic Khalifat, will be there in Syria after Secular syrian government falls, That was their evil promise and hope….

Now it is another campaign, this time it is not to overthrow the president , this time it is for the Camera of Western and Arabic Media, ( AlJazeera, AlArabia) 

what a huge crowds here to listen to Erdogan speech , how much this man has a great popularity 

Zoom in, Zoom out, Cameraman knows his work in MSM, 

When it is in Syria, MSM media will tell you, that government forced Syrians to vote , When it is in Turkey, and they bring Syrian refugees Who have no right to vote for Erdogan, to join the crowds as pro-Erdogan, MSM will tell you it is legitimate campaign here.

Source is Turkish News


((Nearly 4,000 Syrian refugees, none of whom are eligible to vote in Turkey’s upcoming elections, were brought from their camps by 200 buses and brought to Istasyon Square in the southern province of Adana to offer their support during a rally for President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Syrian refugees in Turkey taken to AK Party rally to bolster support
The refugee camp in the Sarıçam district of Adana is home to nearly 12,000 Syrians who have fled violence in their home countries and sought out shelter in Turkey.

At 2:30 pm local time, around 200 buses began transporting nearly 4,000 refugees to Adana’s Istasyon Square 25 kilometers away from the refugee camp in preparation for President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s campaign rally to be held there.


The Syrians were mostly brought to the square using public school buses. Comprised mostly of children and the elderly, many of the Syrians stood out with their local garb.

Political opponents frequently voice their concerns that the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) will attempt to use Turkey’s nearly two million Syrian refugees to rig the upcoming general elections on June 7.))

The other point, after the speech of Erdogan finished, Those refugees have to wait foe long time to get buses , transfer them back to their miserable camps !!





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