Rojova / YPG the new entity inside the arab world body!!

Rojova: the name finally started to appear after the gaining of YPG ( Kurdish people protection unites ) over what they call it ISIS the Boogeyman here? 

what does Rojova mean?

Rojava or Western Kurdistan is a de facto autonomous region in northern and north-eastern Syria. The region gained its autonomy beginning in November 2013 as part of the Rojava campaign, establishing..

The war on Ayn Alarab (Kobani) against ISIS, displacement campaigns of all syrian component from Ayn AlARAB also AlHaskah (as ,Arabs  Turkmen,  and Assyrians ) but Kurdish was there and gaining the war, sponsored by US led Coalition , Even ISIS has withdrawn without any acts of bombing or destruction , also in Tal Abyad ( Gire Spi )

Kurdish names , as if the arabic names was not the original ones, or those sites not arabic , but were belong to period of arabic occupation to western of Kurdistan ?

The ypg commander Bilal Rojova sent his greetings to the so-called Free Syrian Army ?

will this project spreads to Aleppo / to create ethnically kurdish towns?? 

All what i’m looking for is to prevent any kind of partition or balkanization of Syria , with due respect to all syrian components 


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