Turkish troops cross into Syria/ Serena Shim if you are here now

Lately in the Media:Turkish troops cross into #Syria in clashes with who #ISIS !

#Turkey has also sent fighter jets to the #Syrian border after clashes with who? ISIS, a Turkish official told Reuters.

#Turkey has also sent #fighter jets to the #Syrian border after clashes with who? ISIS, a Turkish official told Reuters.

Let’s remember about Turkey’ role in training and transporting the terrorists to Syria.

Turkey  which is the first class terminal (as well as Lebanon, Jordan,and the occupied Land ) for foreign fighters coming from all over the world to cross its border into Syria and join the war against the Syrian state, Kuwait and all arab gulf send money to Turkey’ bank to pay for those mercenaries, they have a list by their names!

a tunisian fighter with the FSA admitted that to Tunisian -TV after he went back to his country Tunis, that was in the year 2011, the so-called ISIS wasn’t exist as ISIS yet it was Free Syrain Army (Regardless to those from Tunisia, Africa,Chechnya…and more)

Camps to train mercenaries in Turkey,Jordan and Libya then transfer them through Turkish border to Syria provided by advanced weapons 


( in this article you will read:

The Turkish government has vehemently denied claims that it is arming rebels fighting in Syria and accused dozens of prosecutors, soldiers and security officers involved in searching the trucks of attempting to bring it down through such claims.

Earlier this month, Turkey arrested four prosecutors who ordered the search of the vehicles near the Syrian border in January 2014 and they are now in prison pending trial ).

Also in the year 2104 let’s don’t forget Serena Shim 

Serena Shim was an American journalist. While covering the Siege of Kobanê as a war correspondent of Press TV, she was killed in a car crash. Her employer called the accident “suspicious”.

born in October 10, 1984, Lebano died in: October 19, 2014, Suruç, Turkey

Turkey is the criminal here, Serena revealed Turkey relation with terrorists 

What i want to Say here, that the so-called ISIS who is nothing more than foreign mercenaries and an advanced stage of the FSA, will never fight any of their real makers and sponsors, They only carry out operations they asked to do it by their masterminds 

Turkey wants to enter Syrian border by this pretext :fighting islamic state fighters/ while those ISIS fighters in bad situation now and they back down  while the Syrian Arab Army achieves great advances against them.

Author:Afraa Dagher


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