President Assad message to Syrian people26/ July/2015 Including a brief about Iran, some of his moral message i choose here

((President Bashar Alassad to various Syrian syndicates today, Damascus on July 2015)).

The mainstream media used to describe what is going on in Syria as a civil war, to serve the west agenda in partitioning Syria into sectarian states, so we should be careful about the term we use.

Syria has only two elements on the ground now:

The first one is Syrians who defend their homeland .

The second one is the terrorists who came from all over the world to fight against Syrian state.

The mainstream media call those terrorists in Syria revolutionaries or moderate rebels, while when such terror hits the west they call them terrorists 

The President added that Syrians leave the province when terrorists and the so-called rebels take control. They go to areas which are under the syrian government’ control. Syrians used to live together peacefully no matter what religion.

Big greetings to all the families of martyrs, many syrian families lost more than one martyr to protect Syria, big greetings to all the wounded soldiers, to everyone who is defending Syria.

to our people in Aleppo for their steadfastness 

Syria is not only for Syrians who live in it, Syria is for those who defend it, in and out of Syria.

Greetings to those who didn’t leave Syria in this hard situation.

Syria is steadfast because of our great soldiers sacrifices

All of Syria is important for our army, every site, however we can’t leave some important areas and move to others because some areas protect all of Syria, as an important fronts from the military side.

Thank you for resistance Hezbollah, they stand with us.As we used to stand with them.

Iran was under sanction, under war for years, Iran achieved great scientific progress because of the unity between its government and its people, even its opposition never asked the west to bomb Iran, and when it comes to a nuclear deal the both pro and anti-government supported the Iranian nuclear deal.

While the Syrian opposition abroad wanted to bomb Syria, they asked their masters to bomb Syria in the year 2013, they are cheap and no one respects such opposition.

Thank you for Russia and China to support Syria against any resolution to bomb Syria in security council.

It is long war, the plan is against Syria and the whole region, but Syria will survive and will thwart this plan, that will help the whole region too, years ago an idiot figure of the west, I will not mention his name, visited Damascus and told me that the days of Iran government are a few, I told him Iran will prevail, now they deal in the same way with Syria.

Syria will prevail but the price is too expensive…))

As a syrian resident i say , we trust you our president we have faith in our syrian arab army , we gave you our voices in the election time and we will give our soul for Syria to survive and for you our legendary leader to lead our ship to the peaceful beach, God bless you.


President Assad visit to wounded syrian sodiers


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