Shells hit Russian embassy ground in Damascus on Tuesday 12/10/2015, as an act of terrorizing syrian people who joined in a Rally to express their support to the coordination between Russian and Syrian governments against terrorists in Syria, which is a global threat, Syrians find this military coordination is the only solution to fight terrorists.

Syrians welcomed Moscow’ airstrikes on terrorists in Syria.
However Syrians have experienced  such aggressive reaction from the side of the so-called “moderate rebels”
such foreign backed rebels never accept the other view, they express their views by bombing syrian people, this is the only language of the so called moderate rebels.

For instance at the time of election, syrians went to boxes of election under the missiles of “moderate rebels” who are peaceful seekers or democracy seekers in the eyes of mainstream media and western leaders .

The good news that is no member of the diplomatic mission was hurt.

“It’s a blatant act of terror meant to scare those who support the battle against terrorism,” Mr. Lavrov told reporters in Moscow, adding that no members of the diplomatic mission were hurt in the agency RIA reported.

Moscow stated this act is an act of terror 
However and unfortunately some persons at the rally to support Russian airstrikes on terrorist groups had been injured .

Meanwhile , the US military airdropped 50 tons of ammunition for fighters in Syria,the so-called “moderate rebels”.

And a day before this act of dropping weapons to what USA and its allies  call them syrian fighters, Two F 16 USA led coalition Aircrafts hit the infrastructure in Syria,Aleppo instead of targeting terrorists, causing power outage for residents in countryside of Aleppo, Source is SANA and such incident is a breach of international law , That was on 10th of October 2015


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