Oil journey from Syria and Iraq to Turkey, then to the Zionist entity  of Israel.

Islamic state in Syria and the Levant has been caught, smuggling the stolen oil to Turkey, Oil tankers heading from Syria and Iraq, to  zakho  Turkish  city, which is close to Sirnak province. Both are borders with Syria and Iraq.

Every oil convoy consists from 70 to 100 tankers, On the other side the Mafias of oil smugglers, are awaiting for this convoys, those mafias consist of  merchants  of Syrian Kurdish , Iraqi as well as of Turkish and other  nationalities maybe Iranian too, the one who is directly responsible of  the  oil cargo, gives  it to the one who pays more, and in return takes a part of the price by dollars, some drivers  receive the empty oil tankers and return back with it.others with official license  take the full tankers and transfer it into Turkey.

This information belongs to a source in Iraqi interior ministry, refused to mention his name.

After subjecting  the  stolen oil to a preliminary refining, it is brought to Turkey  as if it is a refining waste,through Ebrahim Khalil crossing, via a single gate, this is the border between Turkey and Iraq is strongly held by Turkish troops,planes and check points, no one can cross it without their knowledge and permission!

When the  stolen oil enters  Turkish town Silopi  , the Iraqi nests of smuggling oil, get its money.And that by Israeli figure and he is Greek national, he is known as Haj Fareed or Doctor Fareed.

Dr Fareed is the israeli broker in this  bargain, he is the one who coordinates between the mafias which own the stolen oil, and three main companies receive this oil. buy it and transport it through three Turkish ports which are: Dortyol, Jihan and Mersin. To  Zionist Israel via oil tankers, the last station of Syrian Iraqi oil would have to be  Ashdod .

The rest money will send to the terrorists in Syria and Iraq, in another ways.

This process is not new, they have been doing it, since the first of this so-called Arab Spring, by same groups of terrorists, the so-called rebels, The rebel al-Nusra Front is active there doing deals with local tribes and controlling as many oilfields as it can, but several remain with unclear ownership and that has allowed an illicit trade to flourish. This was reported by AL-Jazeera English TV, which is a mouth of rebels.

The other point which was mentioned by Dr. Theodore Karasik:

is that, those terrorists groups would never attack  central oil  fields in south of Iraq where British and American companies have its privileges and rights, while in Syria and northern of Iraq, those terrorists are a real threat.

Therefore, the real reason of the USA invading of Iraq, and this the real reason of the so called Arab Democracy or Spring, It is New Way to invade, divide and steal the resources of these countries of the third world, under the covert of Fighting  dictatorship  sometimes, and launching war on terror “ISIS” another times, While the real spring goes to Israel, Turkey, USA and all Zionists . 

Source of DR Fareed the Israeli broker. 

Theodore Karasik  



  1. You are needed to go on BBC and tell the side of the real Syrian People. Today they parade someone who speaks english too well and who is anti Assad.


    1. That would be great if i had the opportunity, i love this war, i live in Syria, we paid high price for the greed of the west. However i don’t think that BBC would be interested in having me, As i’m against their lies, thank you for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

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