It is easy to secure the Syrian borders, However how to secure the suicide bomber’ mentality!

Two suicide bombing hit Homs, a Syrian province, this morning, 26/January/ 2016

The moderate terrorist, or maybe he was a placated person!

The terrorist parked his car bomb on a side of the public road, in Zahraa suburb, then he bombed it by the remote control, as usual people rushed and gathered to watch this bombing by their own eyes, then it was the next step of the terrorist’ plan, he bombed himself among those people as he was wearing an explosive belt.

This suburb has been targeted more than 60 times, since the beginning of this so-called Arab spring in Syria, the general feature of residents in this site is that most of them are Alawite, However that doesn’t mean you are going to see only Alawite there, Syrians move from side to other, all Syrians, from all religions.

This bombing claimed the lives of more than 24 persons till now, among the names of martyrs, who we could identify them, we saw Christian names as well.

Many other bodies was impossible to be identified!Only shreds.Many other wounded persons in critical case too, more than a hundred person.

Such bombing used to take its place in some Syrian provinces, before any peace talks, as the one will be held in Geneva later, Ii is just a message of the nature of those moderate opposition who we are going to negotiate with?

My other point, i’m going to criticize some who are in high position in this province, they should use or bring some high devices as explosions detection devices, also after any conciliation between the rebels and the other sides of people who are pro-government, we should know are those people are trusted, did they get rid of their takfiri mentality ?In addition, i don’t blame on them a hundred percent, because how could we check what is in the mind of those people, did they really give up their wahhabi mentality or not yet, It is easier to secure your borders with your enemy like Turkey, Israel, and unfortunately with Lebanon and Jordan, where most of terrorists are coming from, than to liberate the brains of those between us, who believe of the suicide bombing as a road to Paradise .

This mentality, is the new kind of mines but its ground is the mind of such rebels? maybe you will meet them between refugees later in another places of this world, as a sleeper cells right now.

We trust our government, however we love our people too, to live a life full of bombing is a horror scene.

And for Geneva, peace talks, What kind of peace could you bring to Syrian people, when the leaders of various kind of terrorist groups and faction, have been named to represent Syrian , by the head of Takfiri mentality, the wahhabism kingdom Saudi Arabia?!


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