Geneva Peace Talks for Syria,And the Syrian scene

Peace talks for Syria in Geneva, While Syria is bleeding because of the so called moderate rebels’ blasts , And we used to such reactions from the terrorists side, before every conference is held for Syria:

At the moment that peace talks started in Geneva for Syria, between Syrian -Syrian parties only, the official delegation, and the opposition delegations, as it supposed to be, if we ignored the name of one delegation from the opposition side, which called Riyadh delegation, in referring to its real affiliation (Saudi). In conjunction with this conference which is for seeking a political solution to ongoing war in Syria, the so-called moderate rebels who are backed by the US and its regional allies in particular the wahhabi Saudi, started their suicide bombings in Syria, in provinces pro government, the last one was in Syeda Zainab the countryside of Damascus, claimed the life of more than 63 civilians add to those, many have been injured, just some days before these bombings another suicide bombings targeted a town in other Syrian province it is Homs, also leaving martyrs and injured residents, the terrorists announced that in this acts they send a message to the Riyadh delegation that they support them! No wonder, when its up to Saudi and its backed fighters, killing people is a normal feature of this wahhabi kingdom, who can ignore their war crimes in Yemen.?!

The Syrian Arab Army’ Successful offensive in Aleppo and Lattakia provinces, and its magnificent victory over Erdogan Backed fighters:

However, the remarkable news was the great victory from the Syrian Arab Army side.

Our army liberated most of the countryside of  Lattakia and also our army is progressing in Aleppo.

In Lattakia, it was a great victory against Erdogon the ottoman’ grandson, it was a knockdown for Turkey’ when the Syrian Arab Army made it, and liberated villages like Salma and Rabiaa, By  this way they cut the Turkish supply lines to its terrorists inside Syria across Lattakia.

The next hit for Erdogan was breaking the three and half years of siege, on Nubbol and Zahra the northern countryside of Aleppo, destroying the dream of Erdogan in creating a buffer zone in northern of Syria, to keep providing the west, Turkey , Israeli, and GCC backed terrorists by all sophisticated weapons, medicines, food, and moreover, by more terrorists also, in an attempt to join Aleppo to the Turkish territory, This victory is so important, it would also put terrorists in Idlib  under siege as the border with Turkey has been controlled,most of it in Lattakia. So Idlib will be the next to be liberated. 

 Geneva peace talks has been pushed to another date:

The one who achieves the victory in the ground, is the one who has the stronger word in Geneva, Syrian Arab Army backed by his allies is the one who broke the siege on syrians and liberated syrians after years from hard life under terrorists siege, Geneva couldn’t do such achievement, thus, the opposition delegations became confused, they used to ask for a ceasefire for their rebels, every time our army defeats them in the ground, now they have their conditions, it is to stop the progress of the Syrian Army , to stop its victory against the  west backed terrorists,the rebels’ jihadist fighters,  under the silly and fragile pretext, that Russia and Syrian army are bombing civilians! However the truth is that the US and its regional allies as Saudi and Turkey are the real enemy of  Syrian people, as well as Israel which is behind the scene.

Turkey seeks to send boots to Syria, Same is Saudi ! without any authorization from the Syrian government, Saudi pretends that is to fight terrorists! Both of them need the permission of their master in the US. It is NATO war against the resistant axis including Russia.

Saudi which has same ideology as its alternative troops in Syria, the so called ISIS, now pretends that, it going to fight them, War by deception, When their fighters, the jihadists has been defeated, and The Syrian Army backed by its allies, gains the ground again, The real enemy of Syria removed their masks, and they are ready to involve in Syria in open way!

 Syrian people see their peace talks is  in Syria and their conference table is the battlefield, and the only delegation who represent Syrians is the Syrian Arab Army, without our victory in the ground and our steadfast for Five years no country will support us and no conference will be held for us, Yemen is the new example and Libya was the one too.


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