Israel, Saudi,and Turkey, When its up to report about their crimes.

Israeli forces raided  Palestinian television station, Palestine Today, arrested  its manager, Farooq Aliat.Friday/11/March/2016.

Israel wants to Silence this platform, accusing it, by backing islamic jihadi militia against the occupation entity Israel. While for the so-called moderate rebels in Syria, who are the real, jihadi and islamic militants, Israel offers those terrorists every possible aid, treatment in its hospitals, ambulances in its border with Syria, to transmit the injured of those terrorists of Al Qaeda branch in Syria, to get treatment in Israel, to can continue their crimes against Syrians.

Those terrorists are not stabbing Syrians, No, They are professional suicide bombers, if by car bombing, or by explosive belts.

Israel used those terrorists to weaken Syria and its army, killing Syrians and pushing them to leave their country, seeking safer life, moreover, Israel used those terrorists to assassinate important figures, Scientists and officers, In addition to, an important point, to see the same ideology of confiscation the freedom of speech, those moderate terrorists, since the year 2011, have been targeting journalists and bombing Syrian television stations.

Meanwhile, when we talk about the sponsors of the moderate terrorists, and those who repress the freedom of speech, we can’t forget Saudi Arabia, as well as Turkey.

Saudi interior ministry, said that Saudi executed 47 terrorists, why terrorists, because they were protesters led by Shiaa religious man Nimr Al Nimr  against the Saudi royal family! furthermore, this same terrorist regime in Saudi, is funding the foreign fighters in Syria to destabilize Syria and topple its elected President, and this same Saudi, is launching a war of genocide on Yemen, to impose a proxy leader on Yemeni people.

Turkey, and its latest Scandal, about freedom of speech and democracy, it is theTurkey ‘  takeover of Today Zaman daily news, to silence those journalists who are anti- Erdogan .

However,This same empire of new Ottoman Erdogan, is the first station for every terrorist to cross into Syria, as a freedom seeker!

Finally, it is not about ISIS, The Islamic State In Syria And The Levant, and their black flag, It is about those who created this boogeyman, some times as moderate rebels, another time by wearing a mask of “ISIS”, While the real source of those jihadi islamic militants, is Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and Israel.






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