About ten months ago, the world heritage city, Palmyra, was under control of the so-called “ISIS” or “ISIL” which wouldn’t even be in existence without the support of the so-called  US-led coalition against ISIS.

During this time mentioned, hundreds of convoys of this so-called “ISIS” crossed long distances in the desert, from Ramadi city in Iraq to Palmyra city in Syria, under the eyes and the advanced radar systems of the US-led coalition in this area–who didn’t even lift a finger when they saw all this happening!

Since 2013, the US-led coalition is in Syria and Iraq has been fighting “ISIS,” however, the presence of this coalition has, actually, led to viral spread of “ISIS” within Syria and Iraq who started destroying the heritages of those countries in order to eliminate any culturural background elements of the real civilizations of these countries; all this right out out of the Israeli playbook for removing the real identity of the land which it occupies!  Furthermore, the reaction of the US regarding the advances of “ISIS” in these regions was really a disgrace.

Spokeswoman of U.S State Department, Mary Harf, declared that the USA can do nothing to prevent this destruction and added that this is the reason we are trying to push back “ISIL” out of Iraq and to try and help “the Syrian opposition” push back “ISIL” in Syria! Click here for this important video on this.

US secretary of state,John Kerry, declared that attacks are slowing “ISIS” advance, but defeating Jihadis,could take years!

Yet we’ve ignored the many times that they’ve “mistakenly” dropped weapons to sites held by “ISIS” mercenaries.

That was their dirty game, to pull the Syrian Arab Army out of important fronts, like the one with Lebanon, Al Qalamoun, thus, thereby, securing such fronts which were important to stop the influx of terrorists into Syria.

Here’s why Palmyra is so important: Palmyra is a humanist heritage for the whole world. Moreover, this site is rich in gas and oil resources and it is an important line to transfer these to other countries, as it is located in the border region with Iraq. The other important point here about this great city is that of its location which situated almost in the middle of Syria; and it’s at this point where the country could potentially separate into northern and southern parts.

The liberation of Palmyra on March 27th 2016 occurred because of the great courage and sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army, the master wing in this war against terror, and the support of the allies.  This was a great blow to the US’s story how it’s “so difficult” to defeat those jihadists and how it may take even up to 10 YEARS to accomplish it!

Meanwhile, those Jihadists were defeated in Palmyra within a week by the Syrian Arab Army and its allies, like the Russian army and Hezbollah.

This great strategy which was carried out in such a war by the Syrian Arab Army and Hezbollah to protect most of the ancient ruins of the City, was done so professionally. Flexible surrounding and speed intrusion, which is a testament to the great power of this army which is why Israel wants to destroy it with the help of the GCC and the creature of the US called “ISIS”.

History, identity, tourism, economy a what define Palmyra which has acquired even more value now because of the new soldiers of the queen Zanobia, This is, indeed, greatest Syrian Arab Army.



  1. Hi, I writing from Melbourne, Australia. According your latest report ‘Save Aleppo’ on youtube channel I need to say how sorry I am the situation there in the Syria and Aleppo… and same time angry because I can not do much for your people. I just feel centre in the world political, military and economical arena are shifting from west to the east at the moment. US hegemony are collapsing and needs only one good push for it anymore. I asking you and your people stay strong a little while. You are not alone.
    Kind Regards,
    mark haikonen


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