Turkey announced it will break gasline deal with Russia, Saudi cleric announced Jihad against Russia, USA said that Russia is bombing ‘moderate’ rebels and Israel is mad…Who are the ‘moderate’ rebels?



Shells hit Russian embassy ground in Damascus on Tuesday 12/10/2015, as an act of terrorizing syrian people who joined in a Rally to express their support to the coordination between Russian and Syrian governments against terrorists in Syria, which is a global threat, Syrians find this military coordination is the only solution to fight terrorists.

Syrians welcomed Moscow’ airstrikes on terrorists in Syria.
However Syrians have experienced  such aggressive reaction from the side of the so-called “moderate rebels”
such foreign backed rebels never accept the other view, they express their views by bombing syrian people, this is the only language of the so called moderate rebels.

For instance at the time of election, syrians went to boxes of election under the missiles of “moderate rebels” who are peaceful seekers or democracy seekers in the eyes of mainstream media and western leaders .

The good news that is no member of the diplomatic mission was hurt.

“It’s a blatant act of terror meant to scare those who support the battle against terrorism,” Mr. Lavrov told reporters in Moscow, adding that no members of the diplomatic mission were hurt in the attack.news agency RIA reported.

Moscow stated this act is an act of terror 
However and unfortunately some persons at the rally to support Russian airstrikes on terrorist groups had been injured .

Meanwhile , the US military airdropped 50 tons of ammunition for fighters in Syria,the so-called “moderate rebels”.

And a day before this act of dropping weapons to what USA and its allies  call them syrian fighters, Two F 16 USA led coalition Aircrafts hit the infrastructure in Syria,Aleppo instead of targeting terrorists, causing power outage for residents in countryside of Aleppo, Source is SANA and such incident is a breach of international law , That was on 10th of October 2015

President Bashar AL- Assad, in the eyes of syrians

President Obama in the white house is trying to talk by syrians’ name.

Some times he talks by the name of minorities, other times by the name of all syrians , while the only ones he represents are those who chose to stand against their country.

President Bashar Alassad is our elected president , he is the president we voted for, under the missiles of the foreign backed moderate rebels, inside Syria, and for Syrians who live in the foreign  countries, they have been banned from voting!.

Syrians joined the election without any scare of rebels’ missiles which targeted them in Syria, And for expatriates,Syrians out of Syria they traveled from Europe, Australia to Lebanon then Syria to rise their voices, we vote for our President Bashar Alassad, the one we trust to lead our country to the beach of peace and prosperity , no direct plane to Syria, the west imposed sanction on Syrian people as a kind of punishment as they stand with their leader, that couldn’t be obstacle for Syrians.

Maybe i didn’t say new things, however the new is here:

Syrians in Europe , Viva Syria ALAssad, carrying the Flag of independent Syria, No for Partition
Muslim in Church , Syrian are one Family , No for small states in Syria, No for Balkanizing Of Syria
Election Time, God Syria And Bashar our legitimate president , To hell for rebels and their missiles
Our leader the great one has great relations, Vito against bombing Syria
We Love you President Assad , Your people support you

First the majority of syrians from all sects voted for President Bashar Alassad , 

Muslims voted for president Assad, Christians and all Syrians, they are one family
Muslims voted for president Assad, Christians and all Syrians, they are one family

Second, when Past President Hafez AlAssad passed away in the year 2000, Syrians fled to the streets and public squares , yelling with one voice , God Syria and Bashar, it was our call and hope for president Bashar to rule Syria. It was people willing .

President Bashar AlAssad saved Syria from horrible destiny as the one in Libya,as the NATO bombed innocent people in Libya

President Assad has his great relations with chosen allies , However he has the fundamental issue and the importance element which is the popular base , and the sacrifices of Syrian Arab Army , this legend and ideological army , 

Today Syria is still standing on its own two feet by the willing of its people , the sacrifices of its Army , And the support of our allies, The important element in this long and critical period is the faith, Syrians trust their leadership decisions

To save your country that needs high price , it was our blood , However it is our logo :

Homeland, Honor and SINCERITY 

To save Syria you can’t be pro-Syria only , You need to be pro-Assad , how could the ship sailing successfully without a great captain .

With or without transitional government , The syrian elected President is President Bashar Alassad this was the word of our martyrs, This is the word of Syrians ,This is the word of Syrian Arab Army , this army who fights global terror movement on behalf of the world.

The power of people is the winner one 

Settlers in Syria,Uighurs, Turkestan , And Displacement Of Syrians,Syria To Where?

Palestine Catastrophe expands, Displacement of Palestinians during the birth of the Israeli entity in 1948,Nakba’ Day

Palestinians refugees were divided between Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, the west bank, and Gaza strip.

Syria another scene of displacement ,Since 2011 the year of Color revolution, engineered and designed by Western and Israeli figures.

Jiser-AlShoghour which is a town in Idlib province, around twelve miles from the Turkish border.

In 2011 this twon witnessed a horrible massacre against syrian security point, committed by the so called peaceful protesters.

Soldiers were beheaded, some of them were struck on head by an axe, It needed a DNA’ test to recognize the soldiers bodies.

Our government organized tour to a mass grave  of syrian soldiers committed by foriegn backed rebels,Uighur in Jisr Al Shugour  with other foriegn diplomats, among those was the USA former ambassador in Syria, the head of protesters movement  at that time

 Robert Ford .


Ishtebraq is a countryside in Idlib, this countryside witnessed two massacres against its residents the first one was in 2011 the second one was this year 2015.

Residents who survived from this massacre which some people linked it to Israel massacres in Palestine Deir Yassin‘ massacre.

The key point that  the next massacre committed by  terrorists most of them are from Chechnya, those terrorists were the reason behind displacement of the original residents of Jisr Al Shughour

However, There are a new residents, the right word is there are  new Settlers, Uyghurs , the families of terrorists who are fighting in Syria as many other mercenaries under the name of moderate rebels in 2011 and the name of ISIS later exactly as Chenchen , Uighur , this movement of transfer more than 3500 Uighur’ families to live in Idlib countryside after displacement its residents  is sponsored by Turkish intelligence, and Al Nosra Front, ISIS whatever the name of those terrorists, Video of Uighur in Idlib countryside.

Since two years ago this dangerous movement to transfer terrorists from China, Uighur, from Turkey, Turkestan party , to Syria, Idlib , Raqqa, Der Al-Zour.

There are 20,000 terrorists from Turkestan party in Turkey ,Turkey is training them sending them to Syria, they had the ideology now that sites in Syria is their real homeland, not China or Turkey, such terrorists have been used in Afghanistan before, Meanwhile the real residents have been murdered or displaced.

Syria to where? A serious agenda to destabilize, balkanize and changed the demography and  erase the real identity of this region.

Save Syria, Join Syrian Arab Army

Ancient Iraqi and Syrian pieces ended up in Israel entity’ museum!!

A 200-year-old Torah scroll has taken an unusual and mysterious journey from Baghdad to Jerusalem, where it was greeted with candies and song in a jubilant dedication ceremony, This was reported by Israeli news

Ancient syrian and Iraqi pieces ended up in Israel entity.
Ancient syrian and Iraqi pieces ended up in Israel entity.


The Iraqi museum and the syrian ancient city Palmyra are under the destruction of barbaric terrorists, which are known by “Islamic state in Syria and the Levant’

while these brutal organizations  are  destroying and blowing up towers Cemeteries , and temples such as 2000 years old Baal in Palmyra, blowing up 3000 years old Iraqi Temple and  museum as Nineveh in Mosul, they are smuggling important old Torah scrolls to Israel entity, simultaneously.

All evidences refer to a relation between the islamic state in Syria and Iraq, and the Israeli entity, in another word what they call it ISIS or ISIL is a CIA’ manufactured.


Bombing this world heritage sites is not only an act to cover looting the unique ancients pieces and selling it , it is also an evil agenda to eliminate the identity of this region, the background of the original residents, these crimes  are not only committed by the so-called ISIS it was committed by the west backed Free Syrian Army before them.

President Assad message to Syrian people26/ July/2015 Including a brief about Iran, some of his moral message i choose here

((President Bashar Alassad to various Syrian syndicates today, Damascus on July 2015)).

The mainstream media used to describe what is going on in Syria as a civil war, to serve the west agenda in partitioning Syria into sectarian states, so we should be careful about the term we use.

Syria has only two elements on the ground now:

The first one is Syrians who defend their homeland .

The second one is the terrorists who came from all over the world to fight against Syrian state.

The mainstream media call those terrorists in Syria revolutionaries or moderate rebels, while when such terror hits the west they call them terrorists 

The President added that Syrians leave the province when terrorists and the so-called rebels take control. They go to areas which are under the syrian government’ control. Syrians used to live together peacefully no matter what religion.

Big greetings to all the families of martyrs, many syrian families lost more than one martyr to protect Syria, big greetings to all the wounded soldiers, to everyone who is defending Syria.

to our people in Aleppo for their steadfastness 

Syria is not only for Syrians who live in it, Syria is for those who defend it, in and out of Syria.

Greetings to those who didn’t leave Syria in this hard situation.

Syria is steadfast because of our great soldiers sacrifices

All of Syria is important for our army, every site, however we can’t leave some important areas and move to others because some areas protect all of Syria, as an important fronts from the military side.

Thank you for resistance Hezbollah, they stand with us.As we used to stand with them.

Iran was under sanction, under war for years, Iran achieved great scientific progress because of the unity between its government and its people, even its opposition never asked the west to bomb Iran, and when it comes to a nuclear deal the both pro and anti-government supported the Iranian nuclear deal.

While the Syrian opposition abroad wanted to bomb Syria, they asked their masters to bomb Syria in the year 2013, they are cheap and no one respects such opposition.

Thank you for Russia and China to support Syria against any resolution to bomb Syria in security council.

It is long war, the plan is against Syria and the whole region, but Syria will survive and will thwart this plan, that will help the whole region too, years ago an idiot figure of the west, I will not mention his name, visited Damascus and told me that the days of Iran government are a few, I told him Iran will prevail, now they deal in the same way with Syria.

Syria will prevail but the price is too expensive…))

As a syrian resident i say , we trust you our president we have faith in our syrian arab army , we gave you our voices in the election time and we will give our soul for Syria to survive and for you our legendary leader to lead our ship to the peaceful beach, God bless you.


President Assad visit to wounded syrian sodiers

Turkish troops cross into Syria/ Serena Shim if you are here now

Lately in the Media:Turkish troops cross into #Syria in clashes with who #ISIS !

#Turkey has also sent fighter jets to the #Syrian border after clashes with who? ISIS, a Turkish official told Reuters.

#Turkey has also sent #fighter jets to the #Syrian border after clashes with who? ISIS, a Turkish official told Reuters.

Let’s remember about Turkey’ role in training and transporting the terrorists to Syria.

Turkey  which is the first class terminal (as well as Lebanon, Jordan,and the occupied Land ) for foreign fighters coming from all over the world to cross its border into Syria and join the war against the Syrian state, Kuwait and all arab gulf send money to Turkey’ bank to pay for those mercenaries, they have a list by their names!

a tunisian fighter with the FSA admitted that to Tunisian -TV after he went back to his country Tunis, that was in the year 2011, the so-called ISIS wasn’t exist as ISIS yet it was Free Syrain Army (Regardless to those from Tunisia, Africa,Chechnya…and more)

Camps to train mercenaries in Turkey,Jordan and Libya then transfer them through Turkish border to Syria provided by advanced weapons 


( in this article you will read:

The Turkish government has vehemently denied claims that it is arming rebels fighting in Syria and accused dozens of prosecutors, soldiers and security officers involved in searching the trucks of attempting to bring it down through such claims.

Earlier this month, Turkey arrested four prosecutors who ordered the search of the vehicles near the Syrian border in January 2014 and they are now in prison pending trial ).

Also in the year 2104 let’s don’t forget Serena Shim 

Serena Shim was an American journalist. While covering the Siege of Kobanê as a war correspondent of Press TV, she was killed in a car crash. Her employer called the accident “suspicious”.

born in October 10, 1984, Lebano died in: October 19, 2014, Suruç, Turkey

Turkey is the criminal here, Serena revealed Turkey relation with terrorists 

What i want to Say here, that the so-called ISIS who is nothing more than foreign mercenaries and an advanced stage of the FSA, will never fight any of their real makers and sponsors, They only carry out operations they asked to do it by their masterminds 

Turkey wants to enter Syrian border by this pretext :fighting islamic state fighters/ while those ISIS fighters in bad situation now and they back down  while the Syrian Arab Army achieves great advances against them.

Author:Afraa Dagher